mushroom-shaped valve
mushroom-shaped valve
mushroom-shaped valve
mushroom-shaped valve




The connecting rod is connected to cross head with the cross head pin.


Design Features:

Small lift, low impact and long life
The mushroom head is processed into a spherical surface, which is in line contact with the sealing surface of the valve seat, and has good sealing characteristics.
The valve head is processed into a small size without skirt structure, high strength, adapt to high pressure conditions
The seat sealing surface and the bonnet pilot hole are specially hardened to reduce wear
Honeycomb design, the most arranging head on the same area
Single valve head for easy maintenance
High performance impact resistant PEEK mushroom head with low wear and low noise
Anti-fouling treatment, anti-liquid attack, anti-impurity, anti-oil stickiness, not easy to accumulate, good reliability.

Applicable working conditions:

Medium and high pressure working conditions
Medium and high speed: speed <1500rpm
Oil/oil free condition

Design Advantage:

1. Low valve lifts ——— low impact force,long life .


2. The mushroom-shaped head is designed spherical surface,liner contact with the sealing surface of the  valve seat ——— perfect sealing property .


3. Special hardening treatment for the sealing surface of the valve seat and the guide hole of the valve deck ——— reduce

   wear .


4. Honeycomb design ——— the same area, the most mushroom-shaped head .


5. Single valve head ——— easy to use and maintain .


6. High-performance shock resistance PEEK mushroom-shape valve head ,low wear, low noise .


7. Soil Resistance ———— Resistance to liquid and impurities and oil viscosity, high reliability .


Suitable Area:

1. Medium-high pressure condition


2.Medium-high revolution rate ,Rev<1500 rpm


3. Oil/Non-oil condition